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Tax Specialists of Kissimmee has over 5 years of experience in providing reliable Accounting and Tax services across the nation. We offer a wide number of financial services including accounting, tax preparation, financial literacy education and real estate services.

How we work:

First; our team will discuss with you the type of services available and analyze your situation to offer you the best solutions.

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Secondly; you will need to provide all the necessary documents required to begin the process. The resulting reports will be produced and then can be emailed or physically provided to you as per your request.


We use well known accountancy software packages and all services rendered are in house at a local office. Reports for all services offered are prepared following the industry standard formats so that you can use them as needed.

Core Services


You may need to complete a Tax return in case you have some complicated Tax affairs. There are also certain circumstances in which you always need to complete a Tax return. For instance, if you are self employed, a trustee or a company CEO etc. If you have a claim, TAX SPECIALISTS OF KISSIMMEE’S  experts will assess all your Tax return processes and keep you up to date about your Tax return details and refund. There are no upfront charges. So we charge you a fee only when you get your money back.

At Tax Specialists of Kissimmee we offer you

  • Filing of federal and state income Tax return for individuals and corporations.

  • Provision of your personal dedicated accountant services

  • Completion of your accounts along with self-assessment services

  • Cloud accounting tax services

  • Free credit consultation 

  • 30-45 Credit score boost 

  • Real Estate educational courses and first time home buying seminars.

In addition to the above listed services we provide unlimited support through Skype, email and phone for each client as per your request.

Accounting and Bookkeeping:

Financial data plays a huge role, as the backbone in your personal life and business.

A strong business strategy is an important factor for the growth of your business. To make informed decisions you need relevant financial information and statistics. We provide you periodic management of your accounts using various accounting softwares, e.g. QuickBooks Online, Xero, SageOne, Front Accounting, and many more. Along with the key performance indicator, our accounting experts will prepare statutory annual accounts that will help you get up to date reports of the financial aspects in your business.

Relevant financial information is essential for your business to make informed decisions. We will provide you with a periodic management of your accounts and highlight the key performance indicators. We will also prepare your statutory annual accounts to assist in fulfilling your obligations to report on the financial position of your business.

More over we have the pleasure of assisting over 1,000 clients annually nation wide receive their maximum refund on their individual tax returns. We also assist with Amendments and tax issues.

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We offer FREE same day tax advance loans.

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When you are self-employed, you are responsible for paying your tax expenses (a min of 10% of your net earnings). It is very important for you to stay on top of your records in order pay your taxes timely. Many people are required to file tax returns annually whereas some choose to report quarterly. Our Tax experts will learn more about the detailed procedure for your Tax return as a self-employed individual, covering all aspects including how to file, when to file, where to file your taxes.


No matter how many employees you have TAX SPECIALISTS OF KISSIMMEE provides you a full payroll service with additional benefits. Our fully comprehensive, offsite payroll service reduces your overall workload and saves you time and money. All aspects of your payroll including auto enrollment requirements, salary benefit schemes are covered.


Featured Services

At Tax Specialists of Kissimmee, our experts will plan and provide you with the best taxation and accounting services. However, we are not confined to the taxation and accounting domains, we are far beyond them! We are also providing services in the following categories:

  • Credit Repair Services

  • Real Estate

  • New Business setups

  • Immigration Services

  • Divorce

  • Public notary

  • Insurance

  • Content Writing Services

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